At HollywoodPrimary School we try to make our learning as child led as possible. This means that children have lots of input into what they want to learn and how they want to learn it. Last summer, some of the children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 decided to make some videos to help other children with their maths calculations. 

First, they split into 4 groups (one for each of the “4 rules”) and studied the school calculations policy for their operation. They then chose key steps of learning to focus on and thought about how they could teach other children the best way to approach the calculation. To view the videos, click on the links below:

Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division


These videos link to steps of our school calculations policy (downloadable below). The success criteria discussed in the videos are the same as in the calculations policy for each operation step. When approaching mathematics, it is so important to follow the success criteria as these are the steps you need to follow to complete a calculation.

For further examples and written success criteria for each step, click on the links to the policies.  These documents show you how the strategies from the videos fit into our teaching of calculations.

We hope you find these videos useful. Watch this space for more in the future.

Calculations Club Team 2012

Well done to all children involved. You should be really proud of your hard work, dedication and commitment to helping others. A special thanks to Georgia J(Y6), Joshua G (Y6) and Ryan C for extra help with production of the videos.