Eco Committee Elections


Children across the school have been learning about democracy this week as part of our embedded work on British Values.  This has included the children carrying out drama activities using the Parliament teaching resource in Year 4 when they found out how to pass a bill in Parliament as well as our whole school Eco Elections.  In total 228 votes were cast in the secret ballot as the 7 candidates (including 1 coalition) watched children from Reception to Year 6 and members of staff post their votes in the ballot box.  It was a close-run campaign with all candidates receiving lots of votes.  The final results are:

Chairman - coalition of Eddie F and Theo W (Year 4)
Vice-Chairman - a tie between Sophie S and Kerri G


Year 2 also decided to vote democratically to name the butterflies that are developing in their cocoons in 2BP.  The winning names were Rainbow, Poppe, Ryanair, Fluttershy and Katie Rosy.

Eddie & Theo - Year 4

Key points for Eddie and Theo’s manifesto:
•    all the work they have done for eco so far
•    leading the team
•    want to work together as a committee
•    know what they are talking about
•    loyal and trustworthy
•    supportive; approachable
•    need to work as a team, everyone is important and have different responsibilities
•    we are going to help the school
•    want to be the best eco school.

Sean A - Year 4

Key points for Sean’s manifesto:
•    Attends Eco meetings
•    Reduce litter around the school; rewards for picking up litter
•    Growing more plants, fruits, vegetables and flowers
•    Listen to ideas
•    Give everyone a chance a speak

Isaac K-H - Year 4

Key points for Isaac’s manifesto:
•    Kind and compassionate
•    Will ensure that all your ideas will be considered democratically
•    All voices will be heard
•    Work towards the next Eco flag, all 9 areas
•    Work with the teachers to encourage children to get more active
•    Work on reducing waste and encourage recycling
•    More education about homeless people and food banks
•    Encourage some non-digital lessons
•    Work on looking at the wider world
•    Penalties for dropping litter – children and parents
•    Grow fruit and vegetables
•    Develop the school grounds

Lucy B - Year 5

Key points for Lucy’s manifesto:
•    Loyal and trustworthy friend
•    Make sure people respect our school
•    I will be “The Voice” of the Eco Committee
•    Protect and develop the school grounds

Erin W - Year 5

Key points for Erin’s manifesto:
•    Have been on Eco for 4 years running
•    After school Eco Club and try to arrange events such as Camp Night
•    Listen well, your ideas do count
•    Do my very best to make Hollywood the best Eco school
•    I will be fair
•    Have great ideas
•    Want to make more walking, cycling and scooting events

Kerri G - Year 5

Key points for Kerri’s manifesto:
•    Green and clean
•    Work together as a team to make the school and playground a better place
•    I will ensure that there is no vandalism
•    ASK NOT “What your school can do for you, but what you can do for your school”.

Sophie S - Year 5

Key points for Sophie’s manifesto:
•    Trustworthy
•    Been on Eco for 3 years
•    Respect and listen to ideas
•    Punctual and always attend
•    Help with all Eco idea
•    Depend on me to get the work done
•    Ensure we work as a team
•    Reliable and helpful
•    Help make Hollywood an even more Eco friendly place to be

Eco Committee Elections