Willow Igloo

Hurray!  We are delighted to announce that the fundraising through the Eco Kids textile recycling and the summer cake sale has resulted in a fund matching donation of £589 by Friends of Hollywood - HUGE THANKS!!!  The willow igloo will be built during a 2 day workshop that will involve over 100 children - photographs and more details will be posted here.

The fundraising also raised enough to put a new roof on the potting shed which was kindly donated by Shirley Heath Trees and is to be fitted by Mr Camden.

Animals Endangered

Did you know that one of the main reasons that chimpanzees are endangered is not to do with the rain forests being destroyed but the mining under their habitats for a metal that is used in mobile phones?  So we are going to re-launch our mobile phone recycling as part of our Eco work in school.  Please send in your old mobile phones, ask friends and family members to support us too.  By recycling the phones you will not only be supporting our Eco developments but also saving some wonderful animals from being endangered or extinct.

Eco Kids Recyling

Huge thanks to everyone for last week's Eco Kids recycling - we had 72 bags weighing over 349Kg and raising us £205.17 for our willow igloo! We are very grateful to the Friends of Hollywood who continue to support our Eco developments by providing fund-matching for any monies that we raise so we are well on our way to our fundraising target for this fantastic two day project in December.