School Council Reps: Joshua B, Harry C, Sophie S

If you want to contact us we have a year 2 email address which is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Year 2 Newsletter

Year 2 Class Rules

We have agreed these rules so that we can stay happy and safe at school and help each other to learn lots of new skills.

We will ……….
☺    Follow instructions straight away so we stay safe
☺    Look and listen at the person speaking
☺    Line up sensibly
☺    Have kind hands and feet
☺    Share with others
☺    Sit safely on chairs and sit on our bottoms
☺    Be a kind friend
☺    Put our hand up and wait our turn to speak
☺    Be respectful of each other and each other’s things
☺    Tidy up our own things and our classroom

Around school we will walk sensibly on the left, look where we are going and move around quietly.

We will have fun, learn lots and always try to
Be The Best We Can Be!