Focus and Key Actions for Pupil Premium Grant Spending 2017-2018

 Hollywood Primary School:     

Working Together Realising Potential

“Our Mission is to develop each child as a caring, confident and independent young person able to play a full part in a changing world.”

The main barriers to learning identified for pupils at Hollywood Primary School are:
  • Social – social skills including being able to talk through problems and find solutions, listen to others and have empathy. 
  • Emotional  – a lack of confidence and a fear or reluctance to take chances or make educated guesses; a lack of self esteem; family structures that can cause emotional stress and distress. 
  • Personal Issues – difficulties that make certain aspects of learning more challenging than others, including diagnosed learning difficulties or impairments. 
  • Basic Needs - physiological needs including adequate food; clear and consistent rules that provide a safe environment; positive adult role models; encouragement to take risks and time for reflection; engagement of parents.
  • Additional Educational Needs – special educational needs including autism and speech and language


The targeted and strategic use of the Pupil Premium Grant will support us in achieving our aims and addressing the identified barriers to learning in the following ways:

What we aim to achieve:

How we aim to achieve this:

Having identify individual barriers to learning for PPG eligible children and other vulnerable groups of pupils, develop personalised profiles and programmes of support.

Accelerate rates of progress of PPG eligible children in reading, writing and maths in order to diminish the difference  between the proportion of PPG children making three stages of progress in each area compared with other children in the school.

Ensure that interventions are focused and swift to achieve the highest levels in order to diminish the difference in attainment for PPG eligible children compared to other children in the school.

  • Additional Maths and English teaching support in Year 2 for 2 days per week
  • Additional Maths and English Teacher Support in Year 6
  • Additional Educational Needs groups that support social skills including FAB Club, Chill & Spill and Community Learning
  • Attendance monitoring, half termly rewards, parent attendance meetings
  • Resource Base integration and inclusion programme


Nurture and provide support and opportunities for all eligible PPG children and other vulnerable groups of pupils in order that they develop as confident, happy and resilient learners who are proud of their achievements and grow in independence.

  • Learning Mentor and Nurture Support Team
  • Community Learning and wider life experiences
  • School Librarian and partnership illustrator
  • Forest Schools programmes
  • Enrichment opportunities including music tuition and music based extra-curricular activities
  • Beanstalk Readers
  • School Librarian
  • School Uniform
  • Breakfast Club
  • Rainbow Lunchtime Club

Monitor, assess and review the impact of interventions and provision for PPG eligible children across the school every half term as part of the school’s Pupil Progress cycle.  Ensure that tracking systems are robust and data analysis is rigorous and undertake research into interventions that are shown to have particular impact.

  • Leadership and management
  • Parent engagement meetings
  • Pupil Premium Profiles
  • Research, training and school partnerships
  • Governor scrutiny