International Women’s Day Event

Over the past few months a group of Year 5 and Year 6 girls have joined together to mark International Women’s Day. They wrote to a range women in the media as well as women closer to home that they felt were inspirational – their mums. The girls received letters from high profile women including Karren Brady and Emma Watson, both of who congratulated the girls on their aspirations and wished them good luck with all their ventures. On Tuesday Hollywood were delighted to welcome four inspirational women, Ms Jones, Mrs Smith, Mrs Walkerdine and Mrs King-Hill – all mums like so many of our Hollywood community. Our visitors spent time across the year groups sharing details of their careers and their working days, and answered questions from the children. The girls group are presenting an assembly to school on Monday 14th March about inspirational women from history. It has been a pleasure to work with the girls on this project, they have shown great debating skills, that they are confident of their own abilities and have great belief in that they can achieve whatever their strive to. Mrs Powell and Miss McKenna


Year 3 visit to Sainsbury’s

Over the last two Tuesday afternoons, Year 3 have visited our local Sainsbury’s store to research breads, particularly the different styles of bread from Europe.   It has been a great experience, with the children recognising labels on food packaging, identifying French vocabulary, discussing different packaging and products, etc .  However, the most exciting part has been, without doubt, going “back stage” in the bakery!  The children have learnt how bread is made, from looking at the pallets of flour in the warehouse, seeing the mixing, making and proving processes, right through to the finished products.  This has supported a whole range of aspects of the curriculum including Modern Foreign Languages, Speaking and Listening opportunities, Design Technology and Maths as well as road safety and moving around the local community.  The staff at Sainsbury’s have been fantastic with the children and we are very grateful for the time they have given to Hollywood.  An added surprise was that the children were given a gingerbread man each and they have written thank you letters which have also shared what they have enjoyed most about this learning experience.

Eco Textile Recycling

Many thanks for your continued textile donations.  We have filled another big sack from the new collection bank in the KS1 corridor and we are waiting to hear how much these collections have weighed and earned for the school Eco Fund.   However, we do know that the collection bank outside in the rear staff car park has raised £45 so we are very grateful for your help in supporting the school at the same time as Reducing waste and Recycling textiles that can be Reused in some new way - that's why we are an Eco School.

Community Tree Planting by Hollywood Eco children

We were delighted to have been asked to take part in Community tree planting morning on Wednesday, as part of the Birmingham Tree For Life campaign.  Twenty children, from Year 2 up to Year 6 joined Birmingham Park rangers Jane and Dean, along with local councillors and volunteers from the campaign, to plant 750 trees in two coppice areas at the lower end of the park.  The children worked in mixed aged pairs for nearly 1½ hours to plant a range of evergreen and deciduous trees and have received certificates for their efforts.   It was with great pride that compliments were received from all the adults involved about the behaviour, manners and hard work of the children and particularly from the park rangers who had come to walk to the park with the children on the “lovely, positive vibe as soon as you walk into the school”. 
Many thanks to you all, Mrs Powell.

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