SEN Report – Term 1 2016/2017


Hollywood Primary School is located in the south of Birmingham. We are a mainstream Primary School with a 12 place Autism Resource Base.

SEN Pupils

There are currently 43 pupils on the SEN Register including pupils in the Resource Base. 

There are 18 pupils with an Education, Health and Care Plan (this includes all 12 pupils in our SEN Resource Base).

At Hollywood we support SEN pupils with the following areas of need:

• Cognition and Learning

• Language and Communication

• Social Emotional Health

• Physical

All pupils have an Individual Education Plan with individual targets. Those pupils who have only social targets have a One Page Profile with their targets on. 

SEN targets are reviewed 3 times a year (termly). Staff, pupils and parents are all involved with this process. 

We are reviewing previous Cycle 3 targets and staff have written Cycle 1 targets for the new year to share with parents.

Identification of SEN

This term we have completed the Language and Literacy Toolkit which has identified SEN pupils within the school. It has been pleasing to see that most of the children have made progress on the tracker. 

Outside Agencies

SEN Pupils at Hollywood receive a high level of support from dedicated staff and effective outside agencies. 

This term we have had visits from:

• The Educational Psychology Service

• Pupil and School Support

• The Communication and Autism Team

• The Physical Disabilities Support Service

They have all worked with pupils on an individual basis and fed back to staff with ideas for support in class.

We have our own school Speech and Language Therapist who works at the school 2 days a week providing support for over half of our SEN pupils. Our school SALT also works closely with staff and has regular meetings with parents.


This term we have been running the following interventions:

• Community Learning

• FAB Club Social Skills Group

• Language groups

• 1:1 speech sessions

• 1:1 language sessions

• Precision Teaching

• Direct Phonics

• Cued Spelling

• Rhythm Time

• Gross Motor Skills Group

• Forest Schools

• Rainbow Club – lunch time 

Children in these intervention groups are benefitting from these groups both with their learning and social skills.


This term staff have had the following SEN training:

• Autism Strategies and Definitions training

• Team Teach 

• Success Maker

• Optional Makaton

The SENCo and Resource Base Manager have met with staff at points this term to discuss individual pupils and to put strategies in place. 


The school prides itself on its close links with parents. This term we have run the following sessions for parents:

• IEP Meetings to discuss targets

• Annual Reviews

• Cygnet Autism Course

• Autism West Midlands Coffee Afternoons

• Malakai Family Support sessions

Pupil Premium

PUPIL PREMIUM – 41% of our SEN Pupils receive pupil premium funding  


ATTENDANCE – 30% of our SEN Pupils have 100% attendance this half term


Children have had a smooth transition into their new year groups and have settled well this term. This is a result of successful transition meetings held in the summer term. 

New staff are aware of individual needs and are working closely with the children on their specific targets. 

Feedback from Secondary schools is that our Year 7 pupils have transitioned well.

Resource Base transition has continued successfully and these children are working well with their new mainstream teachers.


The SENCo at Hollywood Primary School is Clare Mason and she can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Manager of the Resource Base is Abigail Turner and she can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.