Spending and Impact Statement 2013/14

In the financial year 2013-2014 the school received £111,801 for Pupil Premium funding in the following year this increased to £168,900.  Therefore for the Academic Year 2013-14 the school had £135, 592 to spend on interventions and support for pupils in Hollywood who should benefit from this additional resource.




Specialist Maths and Reading support with Year 6 Children both 1 to 1 and small groups. (KMc)


9 children made an average of 5.3point progress in two terms the least progress was 3 points and the best progress was 10 points.

Specialist Level 6 Maths support for Year 6 (TO)


4 out of 7 children gained a level 6. 1 of the 4 was a Pupil Premium child.

Graduate support for Maths and English for Years 3,4,5 and 6 (JM)


Average of 1.5 points progress in target groups per term in one group and 2.3 points in another group.

Teaching Assistant Support in Year 2 (HS)


Sustained improvement of target group.

Year 2 Teacher Support Maths and English 3 mornings per week


% of Level 3 pupil premium increased by 12%

Maths & English Teacher Support Years 6 & 5 (CP)


8/10 children made accelerated progress

Early Years Additional Teaching Assistant (TA)


Outcomes of Communication and Language improved by 11 %, much better understanding of writing 6 out of 7 = 86% pupil premium children achieved a good level of development in Reception.

Music Tuition Ukelele, Harmonica, Violin


Attendance improved of 3 of the 5 children after tuition started. Attendance improved by 0.89% from 95.03% to 95.92%

Lap Top Trolley Digi-smart Support


8 out of 9 Year 5 children who completed programme made accelerated progress in Reading.

Community Learning


Massive improvement in attendance of 2 children other children had slightly improved attendance. Attendance improved by 0.89% from 95.03% to 95.92%

Sports Club Funding


Children’s self-esteem increased and 4 children had accelerated progress on with much better attendance. Overall Attendance improved by 0.89% from 95.03% to 95.92%

School Uniform


Improved self-esteem and improved communication with family

Rainbow Lunchtime Club


Behaviour issues now kept to a minimum and children who attend have had very few incident logs

Teaching Assistant Support in Year 3 (JB)


Focused intervention have resulted in accelerated learning and improved outcomes. With an average of 1.5 points progress for both Maths and Reading

Teaching Assistant Support in Year 3 (JD) CLA


Child is pre-tutored and so is more engaged in the activities and has made better progress than previous years. Although this child is CLA he is achieving in line or above across English and Maths as are the other CLA children in the school.

Marking Stamps


More consistent feedback – children’s understanding has improved.

Nurture Support


A sample of 10 children who receive Nurture gained an average of 8.8% increase in attendance ranging from 19% to 3.5%.

Reading Materials book scheme extension


No measurable effect as yet.




Funding difference


(School Budget Share)